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Different Types of Driveways

There are many different types of driveways available, the materials used in constructing a driveway are also different. They have to be strong and must not develop cracks. Driveway contractors are specialized in constructing driveways and they know which type of material will suit the surroundings according to the soil type of the ground.


Stone and Brick driveways are widely used in houses as driveways. They are slightly more expensive than other driveway driveways and require high maintenance.

The cost of remodelling is also high. The bricks have to be durable and should be able to take the weight of a car. You should check the composites of the brick before purchasing it. The brick colour will look good in contrast to the green colour of the grass. The stones used in the driveways keep moving all the times which can create a big problem when you are walking on it.

Cobblestone driveways are expensive but the reliability is greater than other driveways. A cobblestone driveway gives you a grand look on the street outside your house. They are expensive because the stone selected for the design has to be cut separately and according to the design chosen.

The level of settling the stones have to do to be same is very time consuming. It gives a beautiful European look on the driveway. The durability of these driveways is very high so they last longer than other driveways. Rain does not damage these stones. If trees are planted alongside the driveway then cobblestone should be avoided as once the tree grows roots it will start dislocating the stones.

Concrete driveways are flat surfaced. They are not much more expensive than other driveways. The life of the concrete driveway can be compared with the life of a car. The maintenance is also less on these driveways. It gives a white royal look to the house. If the house colour is white, concrete driveways are suggested as it will match the colour of the house. Cracking of the surface can easily take place on concrete driveways. Changes in temperature are the main reason. Good expansion joints will reduce the cracks. You can also give different designs to your concrete, this will be an extra charge though.

Tar and chip driveways give a futuristic look to the driveway. Different colours are available in this pattern. Tar and chip are created with the mixing of asphalt and stone. They go very well if you have a garden along the drive way. They are comparatively cheaper than other driveways. The composites of the driveway are rustic. Tar and chip are available in designs which will suit your needs. The maintenance of this driveway is medium; they might get damaged during big storms.

Stamped concrete is virtually the same as a normal concrete driveway. However the composites used are different than the normal concrete. The design of this concrete is difficult and time consuming. Cracks also build up fast as they are the same like normal concrete. The joints in this driveway are complicated as they have to go through the design to match the exact figure or design. Use of a geometric pattern might help be better than the normal pattern.

Block Paving driveways are made completely from bricks. It will give a red rusty look to your driveway. The repair cost is very minor for a brick driveway, as the individual damaged brick can be replaced. The strength of the brick should be checked before purchasing as it should be capable enough to bear the force of a moving car. You can even add lighting to your driveway. A brick driveway with lighting gives it an old retro look. Edges can be smoothed or carved as per the design.

Travertine driveways are made from natural stone. They have to be cut as per the design, they are hassle free as they can be easily laid on the ground. They are normally strong but one should check the composites of the stone before purchasing it.

Natural colours are also available with appealing shapes. Travertine pavers are also widely used for driveways due to their durability. The maintenance cost is not that high and it is therefore very affordable. Many designs can be formed with travertine pavers.

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