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Groundwork and Excavation Services Manchester

Here at Driveways Manchester we also provide a whole host pf excavating services in the Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport area that can be utilised for different projects. Whether you are looking to dig for domestic sewer line excavation or to dig larger for industrial excavating projects, we have the expertise to get you started. Regardless of whether you’re a home or business owner, whenever you’re in need of an excavating contractor, contact us. We offer the most effective services that can be found in the Manchester and surrounding areas.

From general driveways, vacant land clearance to sewer and storm water reticulation regardless of size we can accommodate most projects. Once the site has been surveyed and drawings submitted we can take over with our survey equipment and set out height requirements for site cuts. Typical examples of the excavation and groundwork that we can undertake in Manchester include:  

  • General groundwork – site preparation and clearance of areas to various depths for foundation work
  • Removal of loose surface and vegetation
  • Aggressive earthworks of deep site cuts and soil removal
  • Digging trenches for footings and foundations
  • Setting out a new site for building a new house or a new building
  • Pouring and laying down a new concrete slab surface
  • Laying soil and/ or concrete
  • Building rubble removal

 The code of practice for trenching must be adhered to at all times for any groundwork and excavation of soil creating an “enclosed confined space”. On most domestic projects a depth of no more that 1-metre is seldom excavated. However if excavation is required deeper than this “battering of the trench sides” is usually applicable. The most common issue in this instance is the positioning of soil away from the trench. Additional to this barricades to the trench are required if injury from a fall can occur.

Dependent on the project nature and size we can carry out most works “in house”. If required from time to time we can call on other contractors to help manage our workload and keep the project to a programme if required.  

On-site security measures and regulative abidance have been our responsibilities and main concerns for years. When it comes to executing our work we strive to perform at a higher degree than the field mandated criterion for quality. You can rest assured that our performance is safe and efficient. Read more about our services or contact us right away: 

Our customers appreciate the excavation services that we provide. Hiring a professional company like ours paves the way for a way faster and easier method for executing a project than digging with a shovel for a week! Our expertise is obvious! Very prompt, efficient and a safe service! 

We use a wide variety of excavation equipment which allows us to quickly and effectively dig earth. Our choice of machines to date are also suitable for tight site access requirements when a truck cannot be loaded directly on site. Our 3-tonne skid steer with a 4-in- bucket at 1750 mm wide can cater for most requirements in this instance. 

However, this isn’t everything that is necessary to accomplish your project. Your previous contractor may have had the machinery along with ordinary labourers, while we have specialised technicians. They have the needed experience and know what to expect and what the limits of their operational tools are. They also have the knowledge on how to save time when working with various types of soil.       

Other work that requires the help of an excavation company involves cleaning and removal of deposits after bringing down a property. Whether it is a village or city area you can depend upon us to clear up after environmental cataclysms, construction malfunctions, or purposeful destruction. Regardless of whether you’re in need of a residential or industrial excavating service, if it concerns digging around the Manchester area, we are the contractor for your project.  

Throughout our experience we’ve never rejected an assignment, even if they are hard or demanding. With extensive time in this business we’ve always accomplished everything completely. Our prices for excavation projects are extremely competitive. There aren’t many other excavation company in the Manchester area who provides lower rates than ours for the same quality. 

We, at Driveways Manchester, have the necessary certification and insurances. Our team of specialists is constantly in touch with modern practices and methods. They are also up-to-date with the safety and health issues as well as the novel technological improvements introduced in our field. For your upcoming earth and ground excavation project, contact our company. Once you’ve met our estimator you will have a written appraisal of your assignment. We offer the most affordable price quotes and the most effective services in the area. Should you require our excavating service in Manchester, call us for action at 0161 877 4142

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