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Gravel Driveway Installation & Maintenance Manchester

gravel driveway company in manchester

A gravel driveway can help you create a gorgeous and durable home entry that you will be proud of. Gravel driveways in Manchester are becoming one of the most popular options for driveways and landscapes. They are cost effective, easy to lay, and offer an extremely versatile method of installing a well presented driveway fast. It can help transform your property or home without necessarily costing an arm and a leg.

Advantages of a Gravel Driveway

Gravel driveways offer multiple advantages that make them an attractive option for homeowners. Firstly, when compared to alternative driveway materials such as concrete or asphalt, gravel stands out as a cost-effective solution. Gravel driveways are renowned for their durability, capable of withstanding heavy loads and harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the excellent drainage properties of gravel prevent water accumulation and minimize erosion risks.

Some Cosniderations Before Building a Gravel Driveway

Before embarking on a gravel driveway installation, it is vital to consider various factors. These include assessing the size and slope of your driveway, estimating the anticipated traffic load, and considering the specific climate conditions in Manchester. Furthermore, compliance with local regulations and securing the required permits is crucial prior to commencing the installation process.

Selecting Your Gravel

The selection of suitable gravel for your driveway holds a lot of importance for both its visual appeal and functionality. Different types of gravel, such as crushed stone, pea gravel, or river rock, offer diverse textures, colours, and sizes. It is advisable to carefully consider the desired overall aesthetic and seek guidance from a gravel supplier to ensure the optimal material choice for your specific requirements.

Here at Driveways Manchester, we have been installing and laying gravel driveways for many of our customers. We listen carefully to customer requirements and install new driveways with a methodical approach. We listen carefully to ensure that your budget and final expectations are met. This ensure that you end up with a surface that you love, installed properly with passion.

What Is the process for building your gravel drive?

Digging and Excavating

We start by excavating and digging the area where the driveway is to be built. We make sure that every project excavation is carried out to the exact required level. We pay particular attention to ensuring that the levels are carefully checked using either laser levels or strings. This step is critical in ensuring that uneven levels don’t result in inconsistencies in the finished driveway surface. An inconsistent surface will not only look poor but can also result in the failure of the driveway once the surface experiences traffic, So we only move onto the next stage when we are happy with the levels.

Building work on the driveway

Once we are happy with the levels, we move onto doing any building work that may be required for the drive. This work can include installation of blockwork, any edges (or edge restraints), work on installing any required manholes or drainage and any required steps to name a few. Any required features such as edging are embedded in sufficiently thick ballast to ensure that there is no movement of any surface later down the line. Edge restraints help support the finished gravel surface for stability. The haunch around the perimeter is primarily added for this support. Our professional workmanship and attention to detail helps ensure that any sinking or sagging of materials is prevented,

Laying Membrane

Before we lay the hard core base, we lay membrane on the levelled surface to ensure that there is no weed growth. We secure the membrane down by pinning to makes sure that it does not move.

Hard-core base

We move onto laying the hard core base over the membrane and level it. The granular hard core is compacted by using our machinery to ensure that we end up with a weed free and solid driveway base for the final finish. The surface is now ready to accept the final desired gravel finish of your choice

Laying the Gravel And finishing

The final desired gravel is now laid on top of the base to give the final finish, the finished surface is compacted with our machines to ensure that the end finish is solid. The final result is normally a beautiful driveway of your choice that enhances the kerb appeal of your home. We build our driveways so that you can use them for the coming future with the comfort that it has been installed by professional gravel driveway installers in Manchester. We pride ourselves in building driveway surfaces that are built to last.

Maintaining a Gravel Driveway

Regular maintenance plays a pivotal role in preserving the optimal condition of your gravel driveway. Essential maintenance tasks include raking the surface to even out the distribution of gravel, addressing any potholes promptly, and replenishing gravel as necessary. It is equally important to promptly address any drainage issues and prevent the accumulation of debris.

Advantages of Engaging a Professional Gravel Driveway Installation Company

While some homeowners may contemplate a DIY approach, enlisting the expertise of a professional gravel driveway installation company in Manchester brings forth numerous benefits. Professionals possess the requisite knowledge and equipment to execute the entire installation process efficiently. Here at Driveways manchester, we ensure meticulous site preparation, accurate grading, and optimal compaction, resulting in a driveway of superior quality and durability.

Enhancing Kerb Appeal with Landscaping

To further enhance the kerb appeal of your property, consider incorporating landscaping elements around your gravel driveway. Planting vibrant flowers, shrubs, or ornamental grasses along the edges can create an aesthetically pleasing border. The addition of well-placed lighting fixtures along the driveway can enhance safety and augment the visual allure, particularly during evening hours.

Comparison Of Gravel Driveways Against Other Materials

Here’s an analysis comparing the attributes of gravel driveways with other materials commonly used for driveways:


Expense: Gravel driveways generally offer a cost-effective option. Installation: Establishing a gravel driveway is a relatively straightforward process, involving the spreading and compaction of the gravel.
Maintenance: Maintaining a gravel driveway requires moderate effort. Regular grading and replenishment of the gravel might be necessary.
Durability: Gravel driveways possess a moderate level of durability and can endure average usage.
Visual Appeal: The appearance of gravel driveways can vary depending on the type of gravel employed.


Expense: Asphalt driveways fall within the mid-range in terms of cost.
Installation: Installing an asphalt driveway necessitates the use of specialized equipment and expertise.
Maintenance: Maintaining asphalt driveways involves minimal requirements. Periodic sealing and occasional repairs might be needed.
Durability: Asphalt driveways are highly durable, capable of withstanding heavy usage and diverse weather conditions.
Visual Appeal: Asphalt driveways present a smooth and uniform surface.


Expense: Concrete driveways are classified as high-cost options. Installation: Installing a concrete driveway is a complex process that demands professional expertise.
Maintenance: Concrete driveways have low maintenance needs, typically involving periodic sealing and repairing of cracks.
Durability: Concrete driveways are renowned for their exceptional durability, as they are long-lasting and robust.
Visual Appeal: Concrete driveways provide a sleek and polished appearance.

Paving Flags/ Slabs:

Expense: Paving flags driveways generally fall into the higher cost category.
Installation: Establishing a paver driveway is intricate, requiring meticulous placement and leveling of individual pavers.~
Maintenance: Maintaining paver driveways has minimal demands. Individual pavers can be replaced as required.
Durability: Paver driveways exhibit excellent durability and can withstand heavy loads.
Visual Appeal: Paver driveways offer a wide range of styles and patterns, enhancing their overall aesthetic appeal.

Block Paving:

Expense: Brick driveways are considered to be in the higher cost range.
Installation: Installing a brick driveway is a complex undertaking, involving precise laying and jointing of individual bricks.
Maintenance: Brick driveways have minimal maintenance requirements. Individual bricks can be replaced when necessary.
Durability: Brick driveways are highly durable, resistant to wear and weathering.
Visual Appeal: Brick driveways possess a classic and timeless appearance.

It’s important to note that the above provides a general overview, and actual costs, installation procedures, maintenance requirements, durability, and aesthetics may vary depending on factors such as location, material quality, and specific installation techniques employed.


With so many different types of gravels available on the market, the question is, what type of gravel should you use for your driveway? How do you know what gravel is the right one for your drive?

There is a vast array of choices for gravel driveways available in the gravel market. The most budget friendly is to get pea gravel from a builder’s merchant, and it can look really great in certain applications. As the price increases, the gravel will most often be rounded, not so sharp, polished, and a little better graded in terms of size and colour. So the cheapest may be an assorted bag of all sorts of gravel stones and finishes in a huge variety of sizes, while a more expensive kind will be single type of stone, more polished, and more consistent in size.

Whilst there are many sizes of gravel, many people choose to use 14mm to 20mm since any smaller size will get stuck in car tire treads and will have a tendency to move too much. However, the 40mm gravel tends be the most popular choice since it tends to remain flat on the ground compared to the smaller sizes.

Gravel can normally come in round or angular shapes. The angular shape stone will usually form a smoother surface to its ability to bed together better. These types of stones are usually machine-crushed. Gravel stones in angular shape will better lock together, reducing the movement caused by the heavy weight of passing vehicles. Although they are much more striking, rounded gravel stones will slide around more than the angular ones. Rounded or polished gravel stones will increase the maintenance requirements of your driveway

Gravel driveways can typically last for approximately 10-15 years, is installed properly with regular maintenance.

By ensuring proper installation and regular maintenance, the risk of potholes can be significantly minimised. We will offer you advice on how to maiintain your driveway so that you get the maximum life out of it.

When choosing a material, try to choose one that is more hard wearing. Examples of hard wearing gravel include granite, quartz and flint stones. The more softer materials like limestone and material can also ne used but remember that they will wear down quicker through grinding and need replacing more frequently

With so many different colours of gravel available in the UK, the choice normally comes down to personal preference. Choose a colour that fits well with your design scheme and the aesthetics of your property

As time passes, gravel drive ways will eventually bed down and be a home of dust dirt and weeds. This process can be delayed by the occasional gravel driveway maintenance, usually clearing weeds, spraying weed killer, and frequently sweeping. Eventually, the top will require relaying, particularly where the car wheels habitually pass because the weight causes the gravel to break.

Gravel driveways can be installed on slopes, but professional installation expertise is required to ensure stability and proper drainage

Gravel driveways may generate some noise when vehicles drive over them; however, the noise is generally tolerable and diminishes with proper compaction. A proper installation will ensure that the noise levels are controlled.

When appropriately constructed with a solid base and sufficient compaction, gravel driveways can easily accommodate heavy vehicles. The critical point is that the driveway has to be built properly by professionals to ensure that the driveway can suficiently cope with the weight of heavier traffic

The installation of a gravel driveway in Manchester offers homeowners an appealing and practical solution. Gravel driveways are versatile in their ability to withstand heavy loads, boast excellent drainage properties, and prove cost-effective. By enlisting the services of Driveways Manchester and incorporating some cleverly thought out landscaping elements, homeowners can elevate the kerb appeal of their property while enjoying a functional and enduring driveway.