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Frequent questions about driveway maintenance

Driveway Repair Resurfacing, Decoration and Coatings in Manchester

Here are some frequently asked questions about driveway repair and driveway resurfacing:

Which type of concrete coating is the most popular?

Because it looks so realistic, slate patterns, and the SunStone Limestone Coating are probably the most popular driveway surface finishes. When it comes to driveways, you want to have a slip resistant long lasting finish that looks timeless. These two types of concrete coatings are great for that.

Will vehicles wear the surface down?

No, These systems are designed for tire traffic and some abuse. The finish is protected with a top quality sealer so even the finish will resist staining and oil marks.

What condition should my concrete driveway be in before I decorate it?

We take care of all repair and preparation, but your driveway should be in stable condition with no major offsets or sinking areas.

What can I do with my plain concrete if i want to add colour and a pattern here in Austin Texas.?

You can add a permanent colour or concrete stain to new concrete or a concrete slab in good condition, and give it an old world look or modern feel  to boost your property value and the entire curb appeal of your home and property. 

What about maintaining my Concrete driveway? How often should this take place?

We recommend resealing your concrete surface every 2 years or so depending on use. You can either attempt this process yourself, or we can do it for you. As far as cleaning goes, just a garden hose and soapy water, or even a light pressure washing is fine. If you want to reseal it just call us or roll on a sealer yourself. How much does a driveway coating or decoration cost in Austin and surrounding areas?

The cost of a concrete coating or coloration for your concrete varies depending on how elaborate you want your project. A very basic coloration on existing slab could run roughly $2-3 per square foot; a very ornate multi-pattern could run roughly $10 and up per square foot. For a free price quote for your concrete driveway please contact us directly at:  0161 8774142

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