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New Block Paving Install

The project aimed to transform a residential driveway into an aesthetically appealing and durable space using block paving. The case study provides an overview of the project, including the client’s requirements, the planning process, execution of the installation, and the final outcome.


Block Paving


Residential Home




80 Sq Metres

Client Requirements:

The client approached us with the objective of replacing his existing worn-out concrete driveway with block paving. He desired a visually appealing and low-maintenance surface that could withstand heavy vehicle traffic. Additionally, the client wanted the new installation to complement the overall aesthetic of his home and increase the property’s value.

Design in Details

Planning Process: We initiated the project by conducting an on-site assessment to evaluate the existing driveway conditions, measure the area, and discuss design preferences with the client. The company’s design team worked closely with the client to select the most suitable block paving materials that matched his desired style and color scheme. Detailed plans, including the layout, pattern, and drainage considerations, were created to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

Execution of Installation: Once the planning stage was completed, We mobilised its skilled installation team to begin the project. The first step involved removing the old concrete driveway, which was carried out using appropriate equipment and disposal methods. The team then prepared the foundation by excavating the area to the required depth, ensuring proper drainage and stability.

Next, a layer of compacted aggregate was laid, serving as the base for the block paving. Careful attention was paid to the alignment, ensuring the correct slope for effective water runoff. The team meticulously installed the chosen block pavers, adhering to the planned layout and pattern, which enhanced the overall visual appeal of the driveway.

Finishing touches were added, including edge restraints to maintain the structural integrity of the installation and jointing sand to fill gaps between the blocks. The team then compacted the surface to ensure a stable and level finish.

Main Walkway
Side Walkway

Final Outcome:

Upon completion, the new block paving installation transformed the client’s driveway into a visually stunning and functional space. The selected block pavers seamlessly blended with the architecture of the property, enhancing its curb appeal. The new installation provided a durable surface capable of withstanding heavy traffic while offering easy maintenance and longevity.

Conclusion: Our successful execution of the block paving installation project showcased their expertise in creating attractive and functional outdoor spaces. Through careful planning, meticulous execution, and attention to detail, the team delivered a high-quality solution that met the client’s requirements and added value to the property. The project served as a testament to the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and their ability to provide top-notch landscaping services.