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New Tarmac Driveway Installation

installation of a new tarmac driveway in manchester
Tarmac Driveways Installers Manchester
Tarmac Installation company in Manchester

Property Type:

Dometic Property

Project type:

Tarmac Driveway


90 Sq Metres


The client, a homeowner residing in Manchester, approached Driveways Manchester with a request to install a new tarmac driveway. As a reputable and experienced driveway installation company, Driveways Manchester accepted the project and initiated a comprehensive assessment of the client’s requirements and the site conditions.

Project Scope and Objectives:

The primary objective of the project was to replace the client’s existing worn-out driveway with a durable and visually appealing tarmac surface. The client desired a low-maintenance solution that would enhance the curb appeal of their property while ensuring longevity and functionality.

Project Execution Details

  1. Initial Consultation

  3. Driveways Manchester initiated the project by scheduling an initial consultation with the client. During this phase, the company’s representatives listened attentively to the client’s requirements, preferences, and budget constraints. They also inspected the existing driveway, considering factors such as dimensions, slope, drainage, and any potential obstacles that might impact the installation process.

  5. Design and Planning:

  6. After assessing the site conditions, Driveways Manchester’s team developed a detailed design plan in accordance with the client’s specifications. The plan incorporated the necessary preparations, such as excavation, base preparation, and proper drainage system installation.

  8. Site Preparation:

  9. The Driveways Manchester team began the project by carefully removing the existing driveway surface, ensuring proper disposal of the debris. They then prepared the site by leveling the ground and compacting it to create a stable base for the new tarmac driveway.

  11. Installation:

  12. Once the site was adequately prepared, the skilled team at Driveways Manchester laid a high-quality tarmac layer using professional-grade equipment and techniques. The tarmac was expertly applied, ensuring a smooth and even surface. The team paid attention to the necessary thickness and compacted the tarmac thoroughly to guarantee durability and longevity.

  14. Finishing Touches:

  15. To complete the project, Driveways Manchester meticulously applied a sealant to the newly installed tarmac surface. This protective coating enhanced the surface’s longevity, protected it from weathering, and provided an aesthetically pleasing finish. The team also ensured proper drainage by incorporating appropriate edging and grates where necessary.

  17. Project Completion:

  18. Upon completion of the installation, Driveways Manchester conducted a final inspection to ensure that all aspects of the project met the client’s expectations. The team addressed any minor adjustments promptly, ensuring the client’s satisfaction with the finished tarmac driveway.

Results and Client Satisfaction:

The successful execution of the new tarmac driveway installation project by Driveways Manchester met and exceeded the client’s expectations. The client was highly satisfied with the quality of workmanship, attention to detail, and the professionalism demonstrated by the entire team. The new tarmac driveway not only enhanced the appearance of the property but also provided a durable and low-maintenance solution for the client’s everyday needs.

Front Area
Side Area


Driveways Manchester’s expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results resulted in a successful tarmac driveway installation project for the client. The project showcased the company’s dedication to meeting client requirements, providing top-notch craftsmanship, and delivering long-lasting solutions.